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Divergent - Veronica Roth Before I review this book I must say that the cover of this book perfectly portrays the book and that Veronica Roth could not have written a more amazing book.

Before reading

I had my doubts about this book. I wasn't sure if I should read it or not. It didn't seem like my type of book. So for a couple of months I kept on putting it on my to-read list and then deleting it. Finally I picked it up and from the first page I was captivated.

During the book

I cannot express how much this book reminded me of The Hunger Games. It was SO similar yet it was unique in its own way. It was a Dystopian book with a whole different concept. During the book, I didn't know what to make of any of the characters, except Tris. I could tell straight away she was different to the others. Her mind seemed more free. It didn't seem set in one direction like everyone else.

I found it AMAZING how Veronica Roth represented the divergence in Tris.

My thoughts on the characters.

Peter and Drew reminded me eerily of Cato and Marvel. And Lynn was just plain annoying. Four and Tris didn't remind me of anyone. They were extremely unique and had a personality that I hadn't seen in any other book.

After finishing this rollercoaster of a ride

Five Factions. Those who are honest (Candor), Those with knowledge (Erudite), Those who are selfless (Abnegation), Those with Courage (Dauntless) and those who strive for peace and fairness (Amity).

When one turns 16 they must make the choice that can change everything. They must choose a faction. Whichever path they choose will change their mind set forever.

For Tris her journey to find who she was in this world and what her role was, is truly magnificent. She realised she was not fit for Erudite or Abnegation. She was told that Amity and Candor were out of the question. Which left only one faction.

When Tris made her decision she didn't know what to expect. She believed that she could fit into Dauntless and that she belonged there. She believed her choice was right .. but she didn't know what it meant to be Divergent.

Her mind didn't follow one path. It wasn't just brave. It wasn't just honest. It wasn't just striving for peace. It wasn't just selfless and it wasn't just intelligent. Her mind followed more than one path. She followed more than one direction and could see that which others could not. She was Divergent.

But Tris didn't realise that her choice could mean so much. What followed Tris was unexpected romance and the quest to find out who she was.

So my question for this book.

What does it mean to be human?

Because a human mind doesn't work in just one way.