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Hopeless - Colleen Hoover Why do we choose to forget things? Things so horrifying they must be known. Why do we choose to forget and never remember why or what or how?

Sky was always a strange girl. I could tell from the very beginning that there was something more to her. She was completely and utterly hopeless and she didn't seem to know why.

She participated in activities because it felt good not to feel. And if you take the time to think about that. It's pretty smart. If you can't feel than you don't feel the loss or the pain or the sadness.

Sky doesn't even know about her past but she does in a way. Because you can never forget. You're not allowed to forget.

But the past catches up with you eventually. And you have to face it soon enough which is exactly what this book is about. Holder, one of the main characters being the beginning of the past catching up with her.

From the very beginning the past was happening all around her but she still pushed it away and she didn't even know.

This is the story about a girl Sky who never knew her biological parents. A girl who is completely and utterly hopeless

Let's see if that can change in this emotionally traumatizing book. One of the best books ever written.