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Confessions of an Angry Girl - Louise Rozett I'm taking one star off because of the ending. I wanted it to be resolved and for the sequel to be a different story. Unfortunately ... not.

Rose Zarelli
How to describe her? She's me basically. She doesn't believe she fits in. She says things without thinking and lets her past clog up her life. Okay, so she isn't exactly me. But we share similar traits so I guess that is why I can relate to her.

Rose is a girl who I have realised seems to wallow in her misery. She doesn't really try to fix it. She's one of those annoying people who purposely wants to feel depressed. Now I understand that she's been affected by her fathers death at such a young age. I mean there are few of these books that I have read with a protagonist of the age fourteen. I really liked a lot of her morals. She had strong morals, values and mindsets. However, speaking your mind seemed to be one of them.

I hated the fact that she wasn't social or she didn't try to socialise and converse with people. I also didn't like the fact that she wasn't supportive. Friends are there for each other, you trust them, you support them, you advise them and they return the same deeds. That's how friendship works. You can't ride a canoe with only one person doing the work.

This book is a story of a fourteen year old girl, Rose Zarelli who has just started High School. This is a story of not just surviving but coming to terms with your many flaws and trying to become a better person. It's about letting go of the past and not letting it clog up your life and implementing values and morals into everyday life. It's about not letting yourself rot in the pit that is misery.