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Unraveling - Elizabeth Norris AN AMAZING BOOK !!!!!!!

What I Loved about this book

Such a strong protagonist. An amazing heroine. I literally love Janele. She doesn't need a man in her life and even if her lover leaves she can still get through it in the end. She has had to deal with so many sorrows in her life. It is amazing how much she was able to cope with it all.

I am officially in love with Ben. He is such an amazing, caring character.

I love Jared and Janele's Dad because they are amazing and seem very realistic in my opinion.

What I hated about this book

What is with Elijah and swearing. I felt like teleporting into the book and smacking her in the face. You don't need to swear in every single sentence. It drives people mad.

How so many people had to die ? Her dad :(, Alex :(

What I am neutral about


-The whole alternate universes etc. (what an interesting idea for the end of the world)

I wonder what the next book will be about? I am hoping it will be just as good as the first. I don't want it to be a series where the first book was promising and then the series just fell apart.

So to Elizabeth Norris.... make the next as amazing as the first.

♥ Isabelle