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The Giver - Lois Lowry Where do I start ?

This book is an amazing book which gives us insight to a Utopian society where there is no hunger, no murder, no war and no pain. The society is very formal and people just seem quite mindless and don't seem to question much as human beings do. Many characters seem like puppets in the sense that they don't realise it but their choices are controlled they're being fed in a manner what to do. There seems to be no choice. Everything is chosen for people. They don't get the choice. Yet it is a Utopian Society because people are happy to live this way. They are not aware what was before and how this came to be. They are not vigilant enough. They believe that it is only now. No future, no past. The concept of future and past has long been forgotten.

So I'm going to start with the form of language used in this book. The book is obviously written in English. But the way it is written. The Groups have a capital letter. Sevens, Nines, Twelves. Once they get their assignments it seems that the human aspect is forgotten. In the sense that when you become a pilot for your assignment it becomes Pilot. You become it. So by saying that the man is a Pilot you are not looking upon them as human but as a Pilot.

Example: Mr B is a teacher.

The connections to it are lost. It is no longer being connected to the human. The connection is frayed should I say.
As well as this when it comes to feelings and emotions it seems they have been brought up to think about what they are feeling and figure out what they are feeling. Generally it naturally comes to you.
I feel sad
I feel exhilarated
I feel apprehensive

Whereas in this book the main character Jonas seems to think about it. Do I feel frightened, do I feel apprehensive or do I feel this or that etc. The whole proper concept of the feeling and emotion is gone.

The context of the words are gone. In the book there is a term referred to as Release. Now looking at it it does not seem bad just a word nothing wrong about it but what the word really means in the context of the book is dead, death The word has been changed. It's meaning has changed. It is like saying he will retire. The actual word means to retire but then the word has been subjected to mean death, to die, to retire from this life. The words have been portrayed differently. This is the power of language.

As well as this there is no proper emotion portrayed in the language. It is so formal that the concept of expressing is changed. They say they are frightened but don't mean it. They don't understand their own emotions because of what they were brought to understand. There is no learning in this book. It is instructing. School in the context of the book is to be instructed on how to live and what to do. This is the author's way of expressing the situation and the approximity of the perfect world. Showing us just how perfect it is that it is not in a sense perfect in our perspective.

Now moving on, in general this book was interesting. You can tell that Jonas is more unique compared to the sameness of the society. It is interesting to find his assignment which was as reciever of Memory. His journey throughout the book learning about the truth was intriguing. He understand the dark secrets that lie beneath the surface of a perfect world (utopian society). it is interesting because we learn more about the society along with Jonas. The author has written it in a way that even though it is third person we feel as if we are Jonas learning about the truth and understanding the depth of it and the depth of the world. Learning about the proper reality.

In general this book was intriguing.

Questions I ask myself
Is the *perfect world* really black and white ?
Can a Utopian Society ever exist in reality ?
Are our choices always limited? Is there a choice with no limitation ?