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The Enchantress - Michael Scott BEST ENDING TO A SERIES EVER

Ok, so I took a while to read this. About 2 weeks I think. Now all I
have to say is that this book is amazing. I am totally in love with Josh in this book and overall in the series. He is an AMAZING character. And yes if you are wondering he does destroy the world. but it is not what you think. He had to destroy the world of Danu Talis in order for Sophie to help begin the Modern World and for the Modern world to rise. See it even makes sense. It wouldn't have made sense if Josh completely destroyed the world because then how can you save it if it destroyed

I was completely taken aback when Josh became Death (Marethyu) Destroyer of worlds and when he got the hook which was the four swords fused together. I was like WHOAH !!!

Everything about this book was amazing !!!

I am also happy that John Dee is not a villian anymore. Amazing how death can change your perception of things and your actions.

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