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My Soul to Take - Rachel Vincent This book is the first book in the series Soul Screamers by Rachel Vincent. I immensely enjoyed this book a lot. I was hooked from the start. I really loved many of the characters but I do not know how I feel towards Nash. I don't find I like him. I really like Kaylee's Uncle and her dad. I find them really interesting characters who have a really deep personality. I absolutely despise Kaylee's aunt and her cousin *Sophie*. And I am not sure how I feel about Emma.

The interesting thing about this book was the concept of Bean- sidhes and death. How if one person is supposed to die but is saved someone else must die in exchange which then means that that person who lived is living on borrowed time. At first I thought I would hate this book because I am not a fan of books that involve either Angels, or half humans or robots as characters. Vampires are alright but anything else no. But I found I liked this book because she still looked Human and blended in with others. She just had like special abilities and although she looked human was not.

I also liked all of the surprises. Kaylee being a Bean- sidhe, Emma having supposed to die (well not really but still in a way they saved her and someone else Julie died in exchange). The end where Sophie practically died and was saved and then where Aunt Val died.

The one thing which annoyed me about this book was the length and the depth. To me it looked long because it looked thick when I borrowed it and there were a lot of words on each page. But literally it was not that long. Things happened to quickly and too fast that many things the reader could predict.
I practically predicted that Emma would die and then Kaylee and Nash would save her. I predicted it before it happened. And I also predicted the whole borrow time thing. I realised after a while before it was revealed in the book that Kaylee must have died when she was younger and that her mother and father must have saved her only for her mother to die.
Also other than that I felt the book was not in depth even though it WAS REALLY GOOD.
Things happened too fast.
girl dies at club
Another girl dies at the cinema
(Nash and Kaylee technically become a couple)
Meredith Cole dies
She finds out she is a bean- sidhe
They visit the reaper
Save Emma only for Julie to die
dad comes home, Sophie dies they bring her back only for Aunt Val to die. You found out who the reaper that was poaching souls was.
Then you had the end bit with the conclusion etc.

The end.

For me I just felt everything was bunched up and happened to quickly. There wasn't a good time frame for this book in my opinion.

Though, I recommend all of you to read this book because it is amazing, brilliant and I really liked it. I only gave it 4/5 because of the last point I made.