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Oblivion - Anthony Horowitz Words cannot begin to describe how utterly beautiful and amazing this book was. So lets just say this.

Oblivion filled me with grief,sadness, happiness, utter despair and a sense of amazement and beauty as to how well written and thought-out this last book was. Anthony Horowitz did an amazing job. He tied up all the loose ends and the amount of surprises in the book was stupendous. He was able to make you think one thing and change it completely. He broke THE NUMBER ONE RULE TO WRITING A FICTION NOVEL and still was able to make a perfect last book which will not disappoint. ANTHONY HOROWITZ IS AMAZING, FANTASTIC AND STUPENDOUS. In some ways this book is just as good as the last Harry Potter but is itself unique and AMAZING.

I extremely enjoyed the set-out of this book. I liked the fact that it had various different POV's. Not just the POV's of the main characters but of others too. I also find it quite amazing that the author was able to make each character likeable in their own way. I loved all five of the Gate Keepers even Scarlett, although at the beginning I wasn't too fond of her, but now I am.

So all in all AN AMAZING LAST BOOK. ANTHONY HOROWITZ HAS CREATED HIMSELF A REPUTATION. In some aspects the books set-out was quite similar to 'Scorpia Rising'

I strongly recommend this series "The Power of Five" as you see the progression of the author as a writer and you see an extreme growth of character development for all the characters. The ideas were complex yet simple and were able to make sense and deceive the reader. There were no loose ends. It all flowed perfectly and fit together well like a Jigsaw puzzle, with the end an amazing relief that it was finished and was finished so well.